Welcome to my website!

My name is Azam Jafari. I am a teacher and researcher in physics and NanoPhysics.

PHD. at NanoPhysics, Zanjan University,Iran, 2018.
M.Sc. at Physical Oceanography, Azad University North Tehran Branch, 2010.
B.Sc. at Physics, Islamic Azad University Central Tehran Branch, 1999.
High School Diploma in Mathematics and Physics, Somaye School, Tehran,

Some courses have passed:
 Participated “The International Physics Teacher 2018” in CERN on August 2018 which contained 70 hours of lectures, visits to research facilities, hands- on workshops, as well as Q&A and discussion sessions. In addition the programme included 10 hours of activity in a particular study group.
 Surface coatings by Steam Phase Deposition method focusing on PVD, hold by Industrialization Center for Applied Nanotechnology, Tehran, Iran, 2018.
 Training course on production and application of educational tools in Science and Physics school courses, Tehran, Iran, September 2017.
 Review of the newly written books of the ninth and tenth grade of science and physics, 2015, 2016 & 2017.
 International Nano electronics Workshop at Shazan Center for Science and Technology Park of Tehran University, 2016.
 Nanoscience Empowerment Course at Karaj Trainer Training Center, 2015.
 Compilation of research report (synergy in complementary research skills),
 Curriculum on studying, analyzing and teaching physics 2 and theoretical high
school laboratory and re-teaching its scientific fundamentals, 2011.
 Modern Educational Technology Training Course, 2010.
 Professional English language training course in physics, 2008.
 The study, analysis and teaching methods of physics 1 and lab, 2007.